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Permaculture: An approach to sustainability in urban and rural context

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • 2Department of Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 9, Issue (2), Pages 39-43, April,2 (2020)


Increasing urbanization is leading to an alarming rate of unsustainable human activities. It is more crucial now than at any other time given the scenario of degradation of resources currently reached, that development occurs whilst making sustainable societies that can harmonize agreeably with the indigenous habitat. This paper aims to establish that there are rational closer-to-nature urban practices that can lead to a sustainable development without compromise on the existing conditions. This study investigates natural processes used by permaculture practitioners, and also introduces the basic idea of permaculture: a new field which integrates landscape and society in providing their food, shelter, and energy in a sustainable way. The paper explores the ecological design principles, which are delineated through a range of indicators such as sub urban/rural context, gardening and cost-effective systems. The conclusion tries to recognize ways in which individuals can start to carry out improvements in their way of life to move towards a sustainable framework by incorporating permaculture philosophy in their daily life.


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