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Method of composing and contents of the Tasks for students´ calculation and graphic work in the electrodynamics course

Author Affiliations

  • 1Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications, Dzholdasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Machine Science, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 9, Issue (2), Pages 7-12, April,2 (2020)


The technique of compiling tasks for calculating and graphic works for independent work of students on the elective discipline of electrodynamics for the specialty of electric power engineering is considered in this work. To do this, the study of the electromagnetic field of the plane capacitor and a solenoid is generalized and supplemented. From the relation between the magnetic induction and vector potential of the magnetic field of the capacitor the value of the vector potential is determined as a function of the radial coordinate, which decreases parabolically with distance from the axis of the capacitor. Expressions for energy of electric energy and magnetic field were found assuming that the electric field is concentrated and homogeneous in the condenser volume. The graphs of dependence of displacement current density on the radial coordinate were plotted that indicate a linear increase in the current density displacement inside the coil and hyperbolic decay outside the solenoid. As in the case of the capacitor the energies of the solenoid´s electric and magnetic fields are determined, but for this once it is assumed that the magnetic field is concentrated and homogeneous in the solenoid´s volume. The proposed method can be used by physics teachers to compose the assignments of calculation and graphic works for the independent work of students majoring in electrical power engineering when choosing a course of electrodynamics as elective discipline.


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