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The Impact of Amended soil with Cement kiln dust on structure of Epidermal and Stomatal cell of Sorghum bicolor

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Botany, SPC Govt. College, Ajmer, India
  • 2Department of Botany, SPC Govt. College, Ajmer, India

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 5, Issue (5), Pages 29-32, May,2 (2016)


This study was undertaken to study the effect of different amount of kiln dust mixed with soil on Sorghum bicolor. The dust was collected from a cement factory located in Beawar. Various elements such as Al, Ca, Cd, Cr, K, Ni, Pb, P, S and Zn were determined both in soil as well as kiln dust. Kiln dust was mixed with soil in pots to make six different treatment, control (no cement kiln dust added) 100g/5kg, 200g/5kg, 300g/5kg, 400g/5kg, 500g/5kg kiln dust in soil. Size of stomata, epidermal cell and stomatal index were found to be reduced on Sorghum bicolor were observed in the pots mixed highest and medium amount of cement kiln dust mixed soil.


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