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Relationships between lightning and insolation during monsoon season in Benin

Author Affiliations

  • 1Département de physique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques / Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Bénin
  • 2Dépt. de physique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques / Université Nationale des Sciences, Technologies, Ingénierie et Mathématiques, Bénin
  • 3Département de physique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques / Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Bénin
  • 4Département de physique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques / Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Bénin
  • 5Département de physique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques / Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Bénin

Res. J. Physical Sci., Volume 5, Issue (9), Pages 1-5, December,4 (2017)


This work documents for the first time in Benin, the relationship between electrical activity of storms and insolation. The data used were collected for five months by the LINET network and by a Campbell-stokes type heliograph, installed at the synoptic station of Natitingou (North-West Benin). A linear regression model was used on a sample made from days with strong electrical activity. The main results obtained present a fairly good correlation between insolation and lightning intensity. The highest value (0.65) of the correlation coefficient is obtained with the cloud-to-ground lightning for 5% risk threshold within 15 km radius around the synoptic station of Natitingou.


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