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A Comparative Study of Task Orientation among Different Team Games

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Delhi, INDIA
  • 2Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Delhi, INDIA
  • 3Physical Education Teacher, KVS, Dwarka Delhi, INDIA

Res. J. of Physical Education Sci., Volume 2, Issue (7), Pages 1-3, July,23 (2014)


The purpose of the study was to assess the task orientation among team games (Hockey, Kabaddi and Handball). By using purposive sampling total 60 subjects age ranging from 18 to 28 years in which 20 subjects (10 males and 10females) selected from each different game and they had represented at least inter-university level and studying indifferent courses in Delhi. To compare the task orientation of three different team games (Hockey, Kabaddi, Handball).One way ANOVA was used to analyze the data. Analysis shows that there was no significant difference seen amongselected team games.


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