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Inverse Maxwell Distribution as a Survival Modal, Genesis and Parameter Estimation

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, INDIA
  • 2Department of Mathematics and Statistics, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, INDIA

Res. J. Mathematical & Statistical Sci., Volume 2, Issue (7), Pages 23-28, July,12 (2014)


If a random variable follows a particular distribution then the distribution of the inverse of that random variable is called inverted distribution. Some authors have discussed both continuous and discrete inverted distribution and its applications to various disciplines eg. In social sciences to geological, engineering, environmental and medical sciences etc. In this paper we have derived the probability density function of Inverse Maxwell distribution and studied its properties and its suitability as a survival model has been discussed by obtaining its survival and hazard functions, these are plotted on a graph paper and their properties have been discussed. The maximum likelihood estimator, an moment equation estimator of the parameter have been obtained


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