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Generalized Symmetric Rational Contraction Principle in Metric Space

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Mathematics, Govt. Science and Commerce College, Benazeer Bhopal, INDIA
  • 2Department of Mathematics, Govt. Science and Commerce College, Benazeer Bhopal, INDIA
  • 3Advance Material Process Research Institute, AMPRI-CSIR Bhopal, INDIA

Res. J. Mathematical & Statistical Sci., Volume 1, Issue (6), Pages 1-6, July,12 (2013)


Our aim of this paper is to introduced the concept of week symmetric rational contraction principle in metric space and prove some fixed point theorems in metric spaces. Our results are generalization and extended some previous known results. 2000 AMS Subject Classification. 54A40, 54E50, 54D35.


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