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Orientalism, Occidentalism and Islamophobia Deconstructing the other A Case Study of East vs. West

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of International Relations, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan

Res. J. †Language and Literature Humanities, Volume 3, Issue (4), Pages 10-15, April,19 (2016)


West and East can never be amalgamated; if one is the sky other is the earth. East and West for centuries have tried to prove themselves superior in culture, language, economy and military, both living in the past and trying to make their present and future glorious. East for eight centuries ruled in Europe and left their magnificent wonders and marks on the World. West has the power to define things and has influence all over the world. They know how to define things, how to defend themselves and how to prove otherís narrative wrong. Since the rise of West, even the knowledge has become the product of power and is transferred from West to East, while the Eastís narratives are ignored. The war of the Orient and Occident can never be diminished as they are each otherís other. Hence they need each other for their existence and survival to define their own subsistence but they can never be own same page. Orient (East) was once the Ruler but now the indirect subjugate and satellite of West, while in the past Occident (West) was subjugate of East. West has the most insecure humans which are afraid of sleeping East and Islamic Civilization, and wanted to disorder Islamic World so that they can never arise in front of them.


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