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Emerging Trends in Corporate Restrucuturing Kanchan Yadav and Urvashi Shrivastava

Author Affiliations

  • 1Bhilai Institute of Technology, Bhilai GE Road, Burg, India
  • 2Bhilai Institute of Technology, Bhilai GE Road, Burg, India

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 5, Issue (5), Pages 1-3, May,6 (2016)


Corporate Restructuring is becoming a major component in all the industries. It is the process of redesigning, re-organizing the organization to survive in the adverse conditions of business and it also provides a good positioning in the competitive market. Many organizations carryout corporate restructuring as per their need and requirement to survive in the competitive world. Today, restructuring is done by various emerging trends like mergers, amalgamations, demergers, take overs, slump sale etc. The paper helps to understand the various implications and recent trends of corporate restructuring. The paper is mainly based on secondary data.


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