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Impact of M-Commerce in Mobile Transaction's Security

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Career Degree College, Lucknow, UP, INDIA

Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 2, Issue (7), Pages 33-37, July,6 (2013)


Really the modern world is so advance in technologies since portable network accessible devices and techniques. In the era of wireless technologies which are available in mobile, PDA, Laptop as well as in any PC (personal computer), anyone can get access anywhere- anytime. So we can say it wireless communication which may be called as anywhere- anytime communication. Due to this type of communication, it is very easy to access as well as transfer the information from anywhere-anytime. Today Information technology has connected the whole world on a one land which is called as electronic network land. This land has enabled two types of commerce: i. E-commerce, ii. M-commerce. The M-commerce has enriched the global market and advanced the whole business scenario. The business suddenly moved from regional land to global land because of access and reach of E-commerce and M-commerce. M-commerce is one of the derived technology from E-commerce. E-commerce is the mother of M-commerce. But the question comes up to the enterprise that whether enterprise architectures and designs are able to secure our e-business? Concerning the issues related to the above question I have found one key solution for it which would be capable of handling the issues of security of data assets beyond the enterprise boundaries. Now the concept as well as the approach for the security issue is E-security. But How? So we will find out also the solution for this question. Strategy and the solution need to be addressed in a more fundamental way than firewalls, SSL or PKI.


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