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Vermicompost potential of various local earthworm species of Jammu (India) on kitchen waste

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Environmental Science, Govt. Degree College, Kathua, J&K-184101, India

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 6, Issue (8), Pages 48-50, August,22 (2017)


Human society is producing a huge quantity of solid waste with major portion of kitchen waste, which needs to be managed to keep the environment clean. Although a large number of waste management technologies are available, their applications are limited due to high cost of erection and power requirement. To deal with the overgrowing menace of kitchen waste pollution, bioconversion of kitchen waste was carried out in controlled conditions using local earthworm species. The present study was conducted to calculate the vermitechnological potential of three local earthworm species of Jammu on kitchen waste. The study reported Octolasion tyrtaeum to be highly efficient for the production of vermicompost from kitchen waste as well as maximum increase in earthworm biomass.


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