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Global Warming Effects on Water Resources: An Overview

Author Affiliations

  • 1Civil Engg. Deptt., GEU, Dehradun, UK, India

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 5, Issue (7), Pages 70-74, July,22 (2016)


Water resources are highly responsive to climate variation in all time and space scales. During the last century, the global runoff is increased by about 3%. The amount of various greenhouse gases has been enlarging over the time. The accumulation of greenhouse gases is causing increase in global warming effects. After 1950, a number of ascertained alterations are new over tenner to millennium1 .The ill-effects on nature can be observed as ocean and atmosphere are getting warmer, the quantity of ice and snow are melting and the sea level is raised up. From the last 30 years there has been consecutively heater atmosphere in the Earth’s surface with respect to any decade since 1850. In northern hemisphere the 30 year duration between 1983-2012 was found to be the most heater period. Over the period 1880-2012, a warming of about 0.85[0.65-1.06] °C in temperature data of land and ocean surface averaged globally is calculated. It is the complete extent of scientific practices all together, like meteorology, geology and oceanography, but no one knows the real effects for specified parts in the world. Even every scientist agrees global warming will have plenty ill effects on earth and i.e. on the climate and water resources.


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