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Chemical Estimation of Air Pollutants and Its Impact on the Flavonoid Content of Adhatoda vasica, ocimum sanctum; and Aloe Vera

Author Affiliations

  • 1Sharma Manju and PandeyAnish Chandra Department of P.G. Studies and research in Chemistry, Government SLP P.G. College (Jiwaji University), Gwalior, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 1, Issue (5), Pages 58-61, December,22 (2012)


The present investigation was carried out to establish a correlation environmental pollution especially the SO, Nox, RSPM, SPM and O3 pollution with plant chemistry. In this present study chemically estimate SO, No, RSPM, SPMand O3 at SLP govt. PG College, Maharaj bada and Deendayal Nagar. Samples of three medicinal plantsAdhatoda vasica, ocimum sanctumand aloe Vera were analyzed for their phytochemical composition, flavonoid contents the result revealed the presence of bioactive constituents Flavonoid. The result of this study show that the Flavonoid content in Adhatoda vasica and aloe veraplant decreases with increases pollutant and ocimum sanctum show positive correlation with pollutants.


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