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Table of Contents

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 5, Issue (7), Pages 1-87, July (2016)

Research Paper

1. Growth habit of Tea pathogens (Cephaleuros spp. and Fusarium solani) and evaluation of relative susceptibility of selected Tea cultivars
Sarmah S.R.*,Dutta P.,Bhattacharyya P.N.,Payeng B.,Tanti A.J. (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 1-9.
2. Phenological Behaviour of Tree Species in Subtropical Broad Leaved Humid Forests of Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, Northeast India
Ngakhainii Trune Pao, Upadhaya Krishna,Aabid Hussain Mir (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 10-15.
3. Inhibition Properties of Pleurotus Ostreatus against Clinical Pathogens by in-vitro Methods and its Phytochemical Screening
M.D.1* Dinesh (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 16-19.
4. Fish Diversity of River Pachin, Eastern Himalaya
Nanda Prasanta (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 20-25.
5. Amblyomma sp. (Ixodida: Ixodidae): First record of male, female and nymph ticks of Elaphe hodgsonii (Squamata: Colubridae) from Nepal
Pun Shyam K.*,Maharjan Mahendra (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 26-31.
6. Comparative Study on Bioaccumulation and Translocation of Heavy Metals in some Native Plant Species along the Bank of Chromite Contaminated Damsal Nala of Sukinda Valley, Odisha, India
Dutta* Koushik,Ghosh Apurba Ratan (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 32-52.
7. Ecological Studies of Tree Vegetation of Ramshai Forest Range, Gorumara National Park, India
Sarkar Anup Kumar (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 53-59.
8. Chikungunya is Declining in West Bengal, India- A Retrospective study (2010-2014)
Khatun Tanuja ,Sundar Panja Anindya , Chatterjee Rajendra Prasad,Chatterjee* Shyamalendu (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 60-67.
9. Ethno-Medicinal Inventory of Khanpur Valley and Some Archeological Sites Reflecting Ancient Gandhara Civilization, District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Siddique* Zeeshan , Nisa Sobia,Ghulam Mujtaba Shah, Khan Abdullah,Mohiuddin Muhammad (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 68-84.

Short Communication

10. Isolation and Identification of Fungi Microbiome in oral Cavity of Students in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Ezikanyi D.N.*,Nnamani C.V. ,Elem B.O. (2016). Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., 5(7), 85-87.