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The Relationship between Childs age and Psychopathology in children of Martyred people in Tehran

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, IRAN
  • 2Tehran Institute of Psychiatry, Center for Mental Health Research, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IRAN
  • 3Department of Psychology, Kish International Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kish, IRAN
  • 4Department of Psychiatry, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 3, Issue (10), Pages 1-5, October,10 (2014)


This study was carried out to analyze the relationship between the age of missing father and psychopathology among the children of martyred people at the ages of 25 to 39. Present work was a study of causal events. The statistical universe was composed of children of martyred people in Tehran. A total of 97 subjects were selected. The samples were divided into two groups: the children who were under 7 years old and who were 7-14 years old at their fathers’ martyrdom time. Personality patterns of both groups were compared by Millon Clinical multi-axial inventory (MCMI-III). ANOVA test was used for data analysis. The results indicated insignificant difference between child’s age in father’s martyrdom time and extent of severe personality pathology among children of martyred people. Furthermore, there was no significant relationship between father’s martyrdom time and clinical syndromes among children of martyred people. Moreover, children of martyred people had no difference in terms of clinical personality patterns. In contrast, according to estimated value of F (F=9.242) which was significant at =0.003, there existed a significant difference between obsessive personality disorder and child’s age at father’s martyrdom time. The findings of present work can provide authorities of Martyr foundation, treatment centers and corresponding organizations with suitable solutions to resolve psychological problems related to missing one of the parents.


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