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Postmortem Detection of Olanzapine and Clozapine Residues in Rat Brain following different Modes of Death using HPLC-UV Technique

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt
  • 2Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Egypt
  • 3Chemical Laboratory, forensic medicine authority, ministry of justice, Egypt

Res. J. Forensic Sci., Volume 4, Issue (7), Pages 1-15, August,29 (2016)


The aim of this study was directed to develop and validate an HPLC with UV detection method for quantification of Olanzapine (OLZ) and Clozapine (CLZ) in rat brain tissue homogenate following different modes of death, for this purpose sixty adult male albino rats were classified into four equal groups; first group (control) received distilled water, second group received OLZ at a dose of 5 mg/kg B.wt, third group received CLZ at a dose of 20 mg/kg B.wt. and fourth group received both OLZ and CLZ at the same previously mentioned doses. The administration was carried out daily by gavage for four months. At the end of the experiment; the four main groups were classified according to mode of death into three equal subgroups; drowning group, electrocution group and starvation group. The analytes and risperidone (IS) were isolated from rat brain tissue homogenate by solid phase extraction on Waters Oasis HLB cartridges. The compound was separated on a kinetex C18 column (100×4.6 mm, 2.6 µm) using a mixture of acetonitrile (A), methanol (B) and 34 mM phosphate buffer pH 2.4 (C) as mobile phase at a flow rate of 1.0 mL/min while detection wavelength was 254 nm. Under these conditions, OLZ and CLZ were well separated and showed good linearities in the ranges of 0.5–100 ng/g for OLZ and 0.5–200 ng/g for CLZ with r &


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