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Shape Characterization on Phase Microscopy Images using a Dispersion Indicator: Application to Amoeba Cells

Author Affiliations

  • 1Laboratory of Electronics, Telecommunication and Applied Computer Science (LETIA), Abomey-Calavi Polytechnic University College (EPAC-UAC), 01 Post Box 2009, Cotonou, BENIN
  • 2Laboratory of Materials Thermo-Physics Characterization, Abomey-Calavi Polytechnic University College (EPAC-UAC), 01 Post Box 2009, Cotonou, BENIN

Res. J. Computer & IT Sci., Volume 1, Issue (5), Pages 8-12, July,20 (2013)


Amoebiasis is due to mobility and shape changes of amoeba cells and can cause 70.000 deaths year. Amoeba cells can be observed on phase microscopy images, which are in general very poor in visual quality. Classical shape characterization methods do not perform well on such images. We present a new method of shape characterization of cells based on their skeleton extraction on grayscale images. The grayscale cells are segmented by computing a dispersion indicator. A signed sequential Euclidean distance map is elaborated and a method of extraction of the Euclidean skeleton is adapted to the grey level cells. The method is applied to biological cells in order to characterize shape changes of amoebas.


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