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Security and Energy efficiency in Ad Hoc Networks

Author Affiliations

  • 1Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science and Technology, Khammam, AP, INDIA
  • 2Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science and Technology, Khammam, AP, INDIA
  • 3SR & BGNR Govt. Arts & Science College, Khammam, AP, INDIA

Res. J. Computer & IT Sci., Volume 1, Issue (1), Pages 14-17, February,20 (2013)


Many wireless networking problems have to be solved for the efficient design and deployment of the communication devices that operate in a Mobile AdHoc Network (MANET) environment. An AdHoc network is a local area network (LAN) that is built spontaneously as devices connect. Instead of relying on a base station to coordinate the flow of messages to each node in the network, the individual network nodes forward packets to and from each other. Due to number of constraints in selforganizing and self-operating networks, routing of it is a challenging problem. A performance evaluation of routing protocol is very cumbersome due to various metrics involving dynamic topologies, mobility, routing limited resources, security etc. To find the optimum routes with minimum control overhead and network resources, there are a lot of routing-protocols namely DSDV, DSR, AODV, TORA, etc. In this paper security and energy efficient routing algorithms for MANETs are surveyed, categorized and analyzed, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.


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