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Evaluating the Growth Response of Cassia abbreviata oliv. Seedlings to Growing Mediain Botswana

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Crop Science and Production, Botswana College of Agriculture, Private Bag 0027, Gaborone, BOTSWANA
  • 2Department of Crop Science and Production, Botswana College of Agriculture, Private Bag 0027, Gaborone, BOTSWANA
  • 3Department of Crop Science and Production, Botswana College of Agriculture, Private Bag 0027, Gaborone, BOTSWANA

Res. J. Agriculture & Forestry Sci., Volume 1, Issue (10), Pages 10-14, November,8 (2013)


A pot experiment was conducted at the Botswana College of Agriculture nursery to investigate effects of growing media on the growth of Cassia abbreviata. A completely randomized design (CRD) with four treatments: top garden soil, top forest soil, commercial compost and a mixture of top garden soil, top forest soil, commercial compost at a 1:1:1 (v/v) ratio replicated four times was used. The results showed that top garden soil significantly (p0.01) increases plant growth in terms of plant height. Moreover, no significant (p&


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